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crafting by the pound freelance sample edit


All new clients will need to start out with a sample edit. This gives you a chance to make sure you like our editing style, but it also gives us a chance to ensure your manuscript is ready for professional editing, and if so, gauge the level of editing it needs and to see if it’s a good fit for our genre strengths and reading tastes.

We’ll ask you to send us 5-10 pages of the best part of your project. This will give us a good sense of what your project is about and will ensure that we’ll have an effectively example of the edits we can expect. We’ll also need some type of synopsis so that we can get the gist of the plot and genre.

The sample edit does not include any follow-up chat specifically about the edited material; however we’re happy to talk to you about our editing services, general editing concepts, work flow, expectations, etc. Grill me on whatever you’d like; I’m here to help!

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