A Tale of Two Dragons by G.A. Aiken

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A Tale of Two Dragons started off somewhat rocky for me. There were some highs and some definite lows so much so that I started dreading the rest of the story and started skipping bits. Both Addolgar and Briath were enjoyable enough characters apart, but together when they (Briath especially) stopped their irritating dialogue and actions the story picked up for me.

Briath was so stuck on being an honorable dragon, which normally wouldn’t be a bad thing but the way she continually wanted to go about it left her looking absolutely dumb. She seriously drove me up a wall with her idiotic actions especially when she and Addolgar and his whole family at her back. It wasn’t until she finally realized what a piece of crap her dad was that I began to look more favorably upon her.

Addolgar was just a cheerful fellow, and other than in his interactions with Briath and his family there isn’t much to be said about his character. Matter of fact, he was never alone so there wasn’t a need for his individual character to be shown, if that makes sense. Through his actions, though, you can tell that family is everything to Addolgar.

A Tale of Two Dragons was exactly that, a tale of two dragons that were on two different journeys with the same goal in mind, to protect their families, they both just went about it in different, somewhat long, ways.

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