I’m Leona, owner and designer for Crafting By The Pound. To start things off I want to tell you five things about myself:

1. I have a 2-year-old (approx) male hedgehog 🦔 I co-parent with my mom

2. If I could read all day and not have to worry about anything else I would … basically I’m a #booknerd 🤣

3. I have finished my Bachelor’s degree as of November 2018 in Communications with a concentration of Professional Writing, and am currently going for my Master’s in English and creative Writing with a concentration of Fiction

4. I am #lefthanded but I taught myself how to legibly write with my right hand (I don’t consider myself someone who can write with both hands since it’s uncomfortable writing with my right)

5. I had found the perfect hairstyle and that I kept for almost 2 years 😄 (I had been a #dreadhead for about 2 years) but I recently did a big chop and am now rocking the top Mohawk puff lol.

I hope you all enjoy perusing through the store and posts, and who knows you might find something you like and want to stay 😉