Crafting By The Pound embodies the age old meaning of honing your craft. Whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, acting, or any other creative outlet you can think of we believe that whatever you choose to do, do it with your whole heart or by the pound.

We specialize in blog content that focuses on our many hobbies and passions, we are proficient in editing novels and other fiction content we may come across, and we are illustrators that specialize in the hand drawn and unconventional look.

Our education background includes a Bachelor’s in Communications with a concentration of Professional Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, and a current enrollment in a Master’s program for English and creative Writing with a concentration of Fiction.

Stories and how they’re told matter to us — not because we’re offered to read and review them via authors and publishers, but because the journey a story can take and the creative methods used are so intriguing to me.

We’re so active on Instagram (1,000+ followers), that it’s borderline stalkerish, so know that if you choose to work with us our enthusiasm might spill over to our followers and other random people who stalk Instagram too. If you’re active on Instagram and Facebook, we’ll be sure to feature your projects on those platforms, possibly in a blog post for our website, and in our bi-weekly newsletter called Crafting By The Pound, Literally.