Afraid of All the Things by Scarlet Hiltibidal

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I received a copy of this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

Afraid of All the Things by Scarlet HiltibidalAfraid of All the Things: Tornadoes, Cancer, Adoption, and Other Stuff You Need the Gospel For by Scarlet Hiltibidal
Published by B&H Books on January 15, 2019
Genres: Christian Living
Pages: 257
Format: ARC
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What does the gospel say about your fears? What does it say about the irrational ones, like sinkholes in the Target parking lot? How does it speak to the rational ones, like pet scan predictions? And does the gospel have a word for the fears you feel you'll have for life, like the possibility of losing the one you love most?

Growing up in the green room of SNL, being born to a fire-eater and adopted by a SWAT cop, having internal organs explode, and adopting a deaf girl from China, Scarlet Hiltibidal has been given some strange life experiences—and lived in fear through most of them.

But life changed for Scarlet when she learned to hold the gospel up to her fears. She realized that though she can't fix herself or protect herself, Jesus walked into this broken, sad, scary place to rescue, love, and cast out her—and your—fear.

Seeing life in light of the cross will help you avoid fear, overcome fear when you can’t avoid it, and live beyond fear when you don’t overcome it. You don't have to be afraid of all the things.

I drug my feet while reading Afraid of All the Things: Tornadoes, Cancer, Adoption, and Other Stuff You Need the Gospel For by Scarlet Hiltibidal for many reasons, reasons I could provide an exhaustive list for you all to read, but I don’t want to torture y’all. The main reason I took forever to read and review this title was because it was so REAL. There wasn’t one page that I couldn’t relate to and didn’t want to hunt down the author and tell her we are soul sisters.

You may not know, but I have PTSD, social anxiety (anxiety in general), and I suffer with severe depression. All this becomes translated into me fearing almost everything simply because I am still learning about how my trauma affects my everyday life.

Hiltibidal’s recollection of her childhood caused me anxiety simply because of the fear of the unknown that she endured. We (Hiltibidal and I) don’t have the same struggles but the message that she’s sharing within Afraid of All the Things: Tornadoes, Cancer, Adoption, and Other Stuff You Need the Gospel For speaks to me on a cellular level. The writing was becoming so impactful that I began taking notes and underlying while reading, something I rarely do when reading for leisure.

There were many moments when I found myself having no other words to convey my astonishment at how she was able to break down lessons and teachings you’ve probably heard before except for words “wow,” and “whoa.” When she said “The things about anxiously wired people … is that our minds can twist everything – even comfort, even Truth – into something else to be afraid of,” let me know immediately that I had found a kindred spirit.

I really recommend Afraid of All the Things: Tornadoes, Cancer, Adoption, and Other Stuff You Need the Gospel For by Scarlet Hiltibidal to those who are struggling with how to invite God into their struggle with fear and anxiety. We aren’t meant to be superheroes who don’t show our scars, if we are to truly follow in Jesus’ footsteps we should embrace our scars just as He did when He returned before His ascension.

Oh! Before I go, Hiltibidal gifted me, from one sister in Christ to another, a life verse that will carry me through this season of my life. She put a whole new anointing on this verse that I had to re-read it multiple times just to make sure I was reading what I was seeing, and that the feeling of finally getting it wasn’t a fluke.

Proverbs 28:13 is a verse I will memorize and carry with me, remembering that I am never alone in any battle I find myself facing.

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About Scarlet Hiltibidal

Scarlet Hiltibidal is the author of Afraid of All the Things and He Numbered the Pores on My Face. She also writes a regular column for ParentLife Magazine and enjoys speaking to women around the country about the freedom and rest available in Jesus. Scarlet lives in Middle Tennessee, where she loves sign language with her daughters, nachos by herself, writing for her friends, and learning how to raise ducks with her husband for no reason other than cuteness.

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