Alpha by Jasinda Wilder

Posted January 18, 2019 by Leona Woolfolk in Book Reviews, Books / 0 Comments

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Three books finished as I fall down the Jasinda Wilder rabbit hole. Unfortunately, Alpha by Jasinda Wilder wasn’t one that made the fall completely enjoyable.

When I read the synopsis of Alpha by Jasinda Wilder I was on board with everything she could possibly have in store with this story. There was mystery, intrigue, and so many exciting factors that could’ve popped up in this story that I couldn’t wait to dive in. Sadly, the momentum shifted once all the secrets were revealed and I began loathing the relationship between Kyrie and ‘Alpha.’

The sex scenes were too many and overshadowed moments that I felt that dialogue would’ve benefited better, plus there’s only so many times I could’ve tolerated Kyrie describing how good the sex with Alpha was before the wish for them to talk more became a prominent thought.

There wasn’t much depth with Alpha so I don’t have any specific moments that I want to pinpoint, but the lackadaisical writing of this story sort of disappointed me.

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