3 Approaches to Creating Sticker Sheets In Procreate

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To narrow down my Procreate class on Skillshare into the 3 Approaches to Creating Sticker Sheets In Procreate, felt good. Just like with my Silhouette Studio class, I hope this class can help the stationery DIYers out there.

Research, research, research before creating sticker sheets in Procreate

Approach 1: Balance between research and application

Figuring out different 3 approaches to creating unique sticker sheets in Procreate encouraged lots of research.

The one downside with researching incessantly on a topic is after a while you begin to feel burned out. It begins to seem that you're getting further from the goal you were headed towards when you first started researching.

The way I’ve learned to combat this frustration is to take notes of what I’ve learned during my research. In taking notes, I’ve been able to re-focus my research so that I don’t fall into an information overload situation.

Approach 2: Apply what you learn to what you already have in mind

This class takes you through all 3 approaches to create sticker sheets in Procreate; I tried to cover as much as I felt was necessary. I’m not saying that this class a one-stop-shop, or that it contains all of that you may need to know. The process mentioned in this class is how I create sticker sheets in Procreate, not the universal method.

Materials that should work for you when creating sticker sheets in Procreate

Approach 3: Use materials that work for your process.

This materials list isn’t extensive, but each material can be detrimental to following along with this class. These materials will be effective in learning how you can replicate or modify the process to your specifications.

These materials aren't absolutely necessary. If you do not have these materials, take note of how I've used them and begin researching for alternatives.

To gain free access to this class click on the graphic above or click here. You can use this promotion to watch the Sticker Sheet Creation in Procreate class or thousands of other classes on Skillshare. I would love it if you could leave a review of the class on Skillshare or you could come back here and leave me a comment with what you think.

Happy Crafting!

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