Academic Planner Yay or Nay?


I had the great opportunity to review the Academic Planner by B&H Publishing Group. The minimalistic layout of the kraft notebook paper quality made me giddy to try this planner out.

One of the first things I noticed about this Academic Planner was that the planner could work for more than an academic school year. Going through this planner I envisioned different ways I could use this planner. In my opinion, it would work great for either long-term projects or for a specific area of my life.

There are quotes or testimonials that will encourage others in their Christian walk.

My favorite parts of this Academic Planner would be the monthly layout, the construction paper feel, and the design of the hardcover.

Other than my bullet journal I never thought that I would enjoy another hardcover planner. This particular planner feels comfortable in my hands and it's light and slim enough that it doesn't feel clunky when I take it on the go.

If you do choose to purchase this Academic Planner for school there is a weekly schedule and semester spread in the early pages of this planner. Subsequently, this will better help you map out your school year.

Plus, if used another way it would work great as a content calendar.

In thinking about all that this planner has to offer I sort of wish that I had known about it when I was obtaining my Bachelor's. I think that this type of planner, with its uncomplicated weekly view and open-spaced monthly view, it would've been easier to focus on assignments.

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