April 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

bullet journal

It has been a minute since I've talking about my bullet journal. I figured writing a blog post on my April 2020 Bullet Journal setup would be a great starting point; I've included the video at the end of this post.

This setup was one of the first videos I published on my Crafting By The Pound YouTube channel since I rebranded.

The design I came up with for this setup wasn’t my favorite. It had been a minute since I’ve used my Crayola Supertip Markers in my bullet journal and to say I had problems would be low-balling it.

Using these markers in this spread quickly reminded me as to why it had been so long.

It’s not that I don’t like the markers. It’s when I use them based on the color of their cap that I’m always disappointed that it doesn't represent their true color on paper.

For example, the gray and peach colors I thought I was using were far from their real color; I may need to do a swatch list so I can go off of that before picking markers off their cap color. I’ll have to look on Pinterest and YouTube to see how other people have worked with these markers for better results when using them in their project.

I felt rusty and out of practice filming this setup even though I had been using my bullet journal consistently since February 2020.

For this bullet journal spread I had so many mess-ups; I think it single-handedly contributed to how crappy I felt this spread turned out. I’m telling y’all this plan with me with a mess behind the scenes lol.

When recording a video where I’m hand drawing and hand lettering things I may need to pre-sketch things. It gets irksom wasting filming time and supplies because of constant mess-ups.

Additionally, I had just changed the layout of my room and forgot to include an overhead filming area. Having to improvise made filming my April 2020 bullet journal setup harder than I felt it should’ve been. To be quite honest, I still haven’t found a space to film overhead without having to move a lot of things around. Finding a place where I can set my camera and lights up and be able to leave them there without having to take everything down and put everything back up again is such a task. But, that’s a conversation for another day.

Despite all of that, I think I did a good job of editing all the craziness out. I hope I was able to show what needed to be shown as well.

Here's to hoping I can get my May 2020 Bullet Journal spread out soon.

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