Planner Peace Chronicles: Myth or Real?

planner peace

During any moment of a planner enthusiast's life, the question of the reality of planner peace rears its ugly head. Is it a myth or is it real?

When I first started this avid planning journey, back in 2015, I was so ready to become more organized. I wanted to learn how to plan my weeks and days both functionally and creatively. At first, I was more focused on the creativity part.

Planner Peace Round One: Classic Happy Planner

I first found planner peace with The Happy Planner Classic planner.

My time with this planner devolved from basic functionality to full-on scrapbooking. I'm talking craft papers, washi tape galore, and stickers everywhere. Because of this devolution, The Happy Planner Classic wasn't functional for me. I was so busy focusing on customizing and designing that I rarely left room for my plans and tasks.

Then I moved on to the Pocket Plus TN from Chic Sparrow.

Planner Peace Round Two: Pocket Plus TN

This planner and the system I adapted while using it lasted me about three months. For complete transparency, this fact bummed me out since I paid almost $100 for this planner. Color me frustrated.

While using this planner for my everyday tasks and plans I was filled with discontentment. Realistically, I felt a disconnect with this planner because it didn't resemble what I saw on Instagram and Pinterest. Yep, peer pressure and planner insecurities assailed me and I was starting to resent my Pocket Plus TN.

Since I was never one to fit anyone's mold I branched off and decided to use multiple planners to achieve planner peace. My thinking was along the lines that I was trying to fit too much into one planner that maybe having multiple ones I would have a solution.

At the time I was using this planner I honestly was trying to cram too many parts of my life into one planner.

Planner Peace Round Three: Planner Stack

For memory's sake I had:

  • My first bullet journal (A6 & A5)
  • A Webster's Pages standard TN, and
  • My Pocket Plus TN every now and then

The shocking thing though was that I stayed in my A6-sized bullet journal for three whole months. I absolutely loved it. Of course, things couldn't have stayed perfect for long.

It wasn't long before I began to feel that I needed a bigger size. After some research on my favorite online stores, I picked up an A5 bullet journal from Amazon. Another planner dies away into the dust lol.

I fell out of love with the A5 planner quicker than I expected.

Planner Peace Conclusion

After the many planners and their planner brands I have gone back to my first loves, The Happy Planner Classic and Bullet Journal. With everything I have going on in my life now, I find that the space available from both planners works for me. Plus, with how I pack myself up to leave out the house to take care of business and what not I have no problem carrying one or the other in my bookbag.

The moral of the story, don't try to achieve planner peace. Instead, seek to find planner contentment.

Understanding why you're actually using the planner(s) you have and how they contribute to your life and not what they take away from you, places you ahead of the game.

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