Book Review | Demon’s Savior and Demon’s War by Courtney Dean

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Book Review | Demon’s Savior and Demon’s War by Courtney DeanDemon's Savior and Demon's War by Courtney Dean
Published by ZachEvans Creative LLC Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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Demon's Savior

A BWWM Bad Boy Biker Romance
"Why do they call you Demon?"

Without hesitation, I decide to be honest with her. Why, I don’t know, but I feel like she deserves the truth about who I am really am. The monster that’s in me.

"Because I'm not a nice man, Kira. I've done things that I shouldn't have. Some I regret, most I don't."

- - - - - -

Akira "Kira" Masters is trapped in an abusive relationship with her wealthy boyfriend, Avery Hansen, whose renowned family owns the local police department and nearly the entire town. But when Avery makes attempt on her life, Kira and her best friend, Dani decide to seek the help of Dani's brother, Demon, President of the motorcycle club, Demons United.

Demon agrees to provide Kira the protection of Demons United, and he finds himself falling for her despite the dangers of both a crazy ex-boyfriend, the one-percenter biker underworld, the powerful Hansen family, and a problem within the club that brings him and Demons United under the scrutiny of the FBI.

Demon will not only have to deal with keeping Kira safe, but also the stress of maintaining his ties to the club, the heat coming down on him from the Feds, and an attempt on his life that threatens the relationship he’s just started to build.

Note To Readers: Demon's Savior contains themes of sex, violence, and murder along with mentions of domestic violence.
Demon's War

The psychopath inside me clawed to be free and soon enough, I would oblige him. I would let him loose on all who were involved in this.
Akira "Kira" Masters came to Georgia intending to seek the protection of her best friend's brother, Demon, the President of Demons United MC. However, Kira and Demon become close, and a relationship develops.

But in the process of club troubles, Demon gets arrested and Kira gets taken. As Demon struggles to control his inner monster, he fights to save Kira and their unborn child while dealing with a traitor, the FBI, the rival biker group The Hells Henchmen, and an enemy known only as The Foreigner.

I went back and forth on whether I wanted to do one book review on both Demon’s Savior and Demon’s War by Courtney Dean. The decision was made easy when I began to think of how I experienced both stories.

I first borrowed Demon’s War from the kindle unlimited library and then when I realized that it was the second story in a series. I’m not saying that you need to read Demon’s Savior to read Demon’s War but it will definitely help clear up any moments of confusion you may have.

So to the actual review of these two stories …

The first chapter I read in Demon’s War I could deduce that there was a traitor situation amongst the MC, but the villain was hiding in amongst the brothers. I wasn’t until the beginning of the second chapter that I felt that I had missed some vital information that I felt I would need to be able to connect with the story going forward.

But, before I picked up Demon’s Savior my eyes got caught on some of the reviews that weren’t painting this story in such a favorable light. For one, there was mention of the romance between Demon and Kira happening too soon and in a way that was unrealistic to either of their situations. Comments like these concerned me because usually when this aspect is present in romance stories that tells me that the author could be rushing the romance and not for reasons that I would like.

Still wanting to give this series and this author a chance I borrowed the book anyway and dived into it and tried to keep an open mind. Thankfully my leap of faith somewhat paid off.

I can’t remember if the synopsis mentions that Demon’s Savior was a bwwm (black woman, white man) romance, but I’ll mention it here since this was one of the reason I chose to pick the two stories at the beginning of this series out of many other bwwm story options Amazon Kindle has to offer. So, because Demon’s Savior and Demon’s War by Courtney Dean fell under the sub-sub-sub genre of bwwm romance I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to encounter some half-assed, stereotypical story that usually accompanies a black woman and white man falling in love.

The author did a good job of constructing a storyline, plot, conflict, and resolution of these two stories but I felt that there was hardly, almost completely absent, character development with any of the characters within these two stories. There were moments when the author would provide some background for the characters we had read about in Demon’s Savior but as she continued the trend in Demon’s War you sort of feel bombarded with information overload because she introduces so many new characters.

I will say that my interest in the other stories that might come out of this series is on the slim side simply because there’s not much more I want to know about these characters, but I may add any new releases to my TBR (to be read) list if I’m in the mood to read a bwwm story.

One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

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