Sunday Post // Week One: Getting Back on the Horse

Sunday Post // Week One: Getting Back on the Horse

Our Sunday Post, Week One, feature is all about getting back on the horse. The thought of combining what we were able to deliver with our Literary Treasure Chest blog and our Crafting By The Pound store has been scary and daunting. But, it’s only been now that I’ve felt the relief and excitement of having everything I’m passionate about under one hat without having to sacrifice anything. The last time I participated in Caffeinated […]

The Time When Bugs Freaked Me Out…

TRIGGER WARNING: If any type of bugs that are commonly known to infiltrate your home or if the mention of childhood victimization cause you discomfort, possible flashbacks, or panic attacks I caution you to not read this post. In August 2018 we were in the process of moving from our house, our home of liberation from my dad (I spoke about him in a previous post), to a smaller and more affordable apartment. The day […]

How to Love Yourself as God Does

Learning to love yourself as God does is so important to identify during your Christian walk. For me, it was not an easy journey to go through, and I’m still learning (and fall) and questioning. It’s in realizing that I have to renew my mind regularly on His truths that I began to see myself as God does. Before becoming a Christian God was already calling me to respond to Him and seek salvation. He […]

Breaking Free for the Third Time

I became a Christian in the year 2011. I am a product of an alcoholic and emotional and mentally abusive father and a mother who claims to be a secret agent, although no agency has yet to claim her. With that came a lot of baggage that I needed to trust God to break apart and help me to become free of. So, if my memory serves me right, I attended a bible study called […]