Charlie Foxtrot by Lani Lynn Vale

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Charlie Foxtrot by Lani Lynn ValeCharlie Foxtrot by Lani Lynn Vale
Series: Code 11-KPD SWAT #5
Published by Self-Published on September 3, 2015
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 272
Format: eBook
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Also in this series: Double Tap, Center Mass, Bang Switch, Kill Shot, Coup De Grace, Execution Style

Foster made a promise in his hospital bed when his leg was taken from him that he’d get back to one hundred percent. Leg or no leg, he’d get back on the SWAT team if it killed him.

And he does get back. But he has a problem.

He can’t let go of the past.

The anger burns deep, making his emotions volatile at the best of times.

Then he meets Blake with her haughty attitude and inability to distinguish the difference between a pocket knife and a sword.

Little by little, she makes him whole again, one bad joke at a time.

She doesn’t see the revenge in his eyes, though. Doesn’t see the rage burning deep.

Rage so pure and all encompassing, that he knows it’ll explode.

It’s just a matter of time.

What Foster doesn’t realize, though, is that the love that Blake has for him is enough to fight his demons, one kiss at a time.

Foster never stood a chance.

I have been anticipating Charlie Foxtrot by Lani Lynn Vale since we were introduced to Blake when she confronted Foster in the diner. That scene was like a bell being rung, signaling the start of a battle to submission between Foster and Blake.

BOOM! It was right then I knew that Blake would be the challenge that Foster needed to get out of the funk that had surrounded him since his incident in Execution Style.

I loved how we were able to learn about Foster and Blake in their own chapter before the author placed them in scenarios that would show us how perfect a fit they would be.

By doing this the author effectively showed where each character stood, emotionally, as well as the demons they would be battling to overcome throughout the book. I have to say that Blake’s background broke my heart more than Foster’s. In no way am I comparing their level of heartache, just that while Foster had some-what come to terms with his disability, Blake was still struggling to adapt and move on.

Despite his military background and similar occupation, Foster so different on every level than his brothers Trance and Miller, as well as the other men that have been featured in the Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC, and the Freebird series.

What made Foster and Blake so great together, I think, was their uniqueness. When Blake was around Viddy and Baylee, it was easy to tell how different she was compared to them. She had an edge about her that a lot of the other heroines in these series lack. Once you see her parentage and influences you’ll see why she is the way she is, I’m secretly (well not so secretly since I’m telling y’all) in love with her dad, uncle, and grandpa.

Foster and Blake were so laid back that it took situations pushing them to the brink to bring out a rise of great emotion from either one.

I really, REALLY, loved these two together, and the supporting characters that surrounded them took the story of Charlie Foxtrot by Lani Lynn Vale to the next level.

This book had EVERYTHING! Another great read by Lani Lynn Vale!

One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

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