Circle of the Moon by Faith Hunter

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I received Circle of the Moon by Faith Hunter via publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

I was both thrilled and apprehensive about diving into Circle of the Moon by Faith Hunter. With the way everything ended in Flame in the Dark much wasn’t given to know what would come next for the PsyLED crew. But, despite any reservations I had, I set some time aside and dug into Circle of the Moon and took the story as it was presented to me.

I loved the progression we received throughout Occam and Nell’s romance. I think things progressed nicely and realistically, to a degree. Some things that Occam said made me want to know in more detail about the events that took place during the time jump from Flame in the Dark and Circle of the Moon. We’re only three book into the series and already the L-word has been dropped and commitments have already been given. Maybe some things were cemented between the two while Nell was a tree and after, but we’ll never know unless the author chooses to reveal what went on during that time that’s both mentioned and somewhat revealed in the reading of Circle of the Moon.

Also, I loved how Hunter dumped all, or almost all, of the skeleton’s in Rick’s closet into the one book. Ever since Rick was changed in Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series I have always wondered about the turmoil he always seemed to wear as a cloak to keep others out. Plus, with the bombshell that was revealed in Flame in the Dark, I needed to know more, and Hunter provided that in spades in this installment.

The conflict and crisis of Circle of the Moon was too big for the characters, I felt. Yes, the mystery needed to be worked out, but close to the end too many things were being thrown around. The resolution was also done up in what I felt was a nice cutesy little bow that left me somewhat disappointed. The climax was for naught since I felt I was given such a high only to later crash in the resolution.

If Nell could’ve saved the day so easily with a few necessary pieces, then why wait until the team is almost killed before stepping in. It all too cookie cutter for me, it wasn’t solid enough compared to the previous installments within this series. Hopefully there’s some redemption in book 5 that I can get on board with.

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