Coup de Grace by Lani Lynn Vale

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Coup de Grace by Lani Lynn ValeCoup De Grace by Lani Lynn Vale
Series: Code 11-KPD SWAT #7
Published by Self-Published on November 4, 2015
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 314
Format: eBook
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Also in this series: Double Tap, Center Mass, Bang Switch, Charlie Foxtrot, Kill Shot, Execution Style

Michael was that guy.

The one that everyone was cautious of. Maybe it was the tattoos. Maybe it was the way he gave off a ‘don’t screw with me’ vibe. Maybe it was because he just told them to leave him the hell alone.

Regardless, people gave him his space.

He was screwed up, and everyone knew it.

He got tattoos because he liked the pain. He was standoffish. He didn’t have many friends outside of work. And the only thing he had going for him was that he was a good cop.

Everyone wondered about him, but no one asked.

The only one that didn’t treat him as if he was screwed up was Nikki Pena, a woman that he couldn’t have.

Nikki was that girl.

The one that everyone loved.

The one girl that he’d destroy if he let her have her way. What did she want?


But, he couldn’t give her him. She didn’t deserve what it would take to be with him.

So Michael would suffer in silence…or so he thought.

The woman who loved him had different ideas.

I hate repeating myself but in the case of this series and author I don’t mind at all … Coup De Grace by Lani Lynn Vale was amazing!

I have been waiting and also dreading Michael’s book since Double Tap, when it was made known that there was some drama that needed to be ironed out between Nikki and himself. As the story progressed I truly believe that I was in a state of shock because the story went too quickly for me and I felt like I was in a daze as I was reading it. Is it possible to be in a reading coma as you’re reading a book?! It must be because that the only way I can describe my reading state as I was reading Coup De Grace.

I can’t remember exactly which book, in this series, where it was made known that Michael was bipolar, but I think it’s cool that it never leaked past the guys on the SWAT team to their wives. It made the moment where Michael told Nikki that much more special and intimate, especially when he then explained his tattoos.

Seeing as this is the last book of the Code 11-KPD SWAT series I truly feel that it went out with a bang. A serial killer, a volatile heroine, a hoe-bag of an ex-wife, and you’re looking at a book that’ll give the Young and the Restless a run for it’s money.

Sorry to interrupt the regularly scheduled review but I have a confession to make…

I feel like a hussy. I’m in lust with three book boyfriends and they all live in the same town, they work together, and their wives are friends. Oh! did I forget to mention that they’re married?! Hussy status has increased. You see I’m in book lust with Miller from Execution Style, Bennett from Kill Shot, and now Michael from Coup De Grace Lani Lynn Vale. Before it was somewhat easy to juggle Miller and Bennett, I’d just give them alternate schedules but now with Michael in the mix I don’t know what I’m going to do. Time to get creative because I’m not letting no one go.

Confession time is over…

One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

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