FCF 10 // The Queen’s Bargain by Anne Bishop

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FCF 10 // The Queen’s Bargain by Anne BishopThe Queen's Bargain by Anne Bishop
Series: The Black Jewels #10
Published by Ace on March 10, 2020
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 448
Amazon | Goodreads
Also by this author: The Black Jewel Trilogy, Etched in Bone, Marked in Flesh, Written In Red, Murder of Crows, Vision in Silver, The Pillars of the World


Return to the dark, sensual, and powerful world of the Black Jewels in this long-awaited new story in the New York Times bestselling fantasy saga.

After a youthful mistake, Lord Dillon's reputation is in tatters, leaving him vulnerable to aristo girls looking for a bit of fun. To restore his reputation and honor, he needs a handfast--a one-year contract of marriage. He sets his sights on Jillian, a young Eyrien witch from Ebon Rih, who he believes has only a flimsy connection to the noble society that spurned him. Unfortunately for Dillon, he is unaware of Jillian's true connections until he finds himself facing Lucivar Yaslana, the volatile Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih.

Meanwhile, Surreal SaDiablo's marriage is crumbling. Daemon Sadi, the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan, recognizes there is something wrong between him and Surreal, but he doesn't realize that his attempt to suppress his own nature in order to spare his wife is causing his mind to splinter. To save Daemon, and the Realm of Kaeleer if he breaks, help must be sought from someone who no longer exists in any of the Realms--the only Queen powerful enough to control Daemon Sadi. The Queen known as Witch.

As Jillian rides the winds of first love with Dillon, Daemon and Surreal struggle to survive the wounds of a marriage turned stormy--and Lucivar has to find a way to keep everyone in his family safe...even from each other.

So … I totally cheated with this week’s Favorite Cover Friday. Instead of taking this cover at face value before I began writing this post I instead read the synopsis and now I am slightly bummed and anxious for the release of The Queen’s Bargain by Anne Bishop.

Since it feels like forever since I was in the world of The Black Jewel series I think it’ll be best if I re-read this series in order without skipping anything! I might need to take notes as well just so I can remember everything.

But let’s talk about this cover for a second…

The Queen’s Bargain by Anne Bishop Cover Breakdown

I can’t remember the physical features of none of the female character within this timeless series but I’m hoping that the female on the cover represents either Surreal or The Queen. (I had to take a moment after writing that last statement because of what I’d read in the synopsis and I’m really hoping that the craziness that’s sure to go on in this installment doesn’t mean what I think it means for Damon and Queen). Ugh! I want this book now but I want time to slow down a little to give me the opportunity to catch up so that I’ll be ready.

Everything about this cover is so elegant and attention grabbing that when Bishop’s team announced the cover reveal I will admit that I squealed a little. From her piercing eyes, the necklace, and the border pattern I felt that I preparing myself for a story that will carry on the emotional turmoil that this series is known for.

This cover would look gorgeous in hardback form so I’m really hoping that Bishop’s publisher releases this bad boy in hardback form first. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE RELEASE OF THE QUEEN’S BARGAIN BY ANNE BISHOP!

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About Anne Bishop

Anne Bishop lives in upstate New York where she enjoys gardening, music, and writing dark, romantic stories. She is the author of fourteen novels, including the award-winning Black Jewels Trilogy. Her most recent novel, Twilight’s Dawn, made the New York Times bestseller list. She is currently working on a new series, which is an urban dark fantasy with a bit of a twist.

Crawford Award (2000)

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