FCF 6 // Marvels and Misfits by Scarlett Dawn

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FCF 6 // Marvels and Misfits by Scarlett DawnMarvels and Misfits by Scarlett Dawn
Series: Trixie Towers #1
Published by Self-Published on June 27, 2019
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 256
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Death this way comes to souls who break Fae law. So it is written. So carved in blood. Mighty are the Fae who watch us all.

I’m screwed. Royally screwed. Of all the ways to mess up, I picked a real gem this time—of the hot shifter sort. Especially because I’m the crowned elven princess.

A forbidden soul mating with the cruel King Athon was not why I attended the royal summit of magical races. Our kinds do not mix, as is written in death-blood. And I’ll be damned before I let some arrogant alpha tell me what to do, and for once I’m not talking about my father.

Now, I’m on the quest of a lifetime.
My crew of accomplices—sworn enemies. Including King Athon and my father. Our mission—retrieve ancient artifacts lost forever. Good luck there.

And if we fail?
No worries. The giants will crush the realm.

Between all the secrets and lies, my name is Trixie Towers; and that’s the only truth that won’t get me dead.

For years now I’ve been wanting to read a Scarlett Dawn story, but something unidentifiable always kept me from taking the leap. But, I have to admit, the cover of Marvels and Misfits by Scarlett Dawn has me really ready to take the leap and I hope that I’m not disappointed because this cover is gorgeous and looks so fun!

Marvels and Misfits by Scarlett Dawn Cover Breakdown

1. Hair

The hair of the the girl on the cover of Marvels and Misfits seems to have a life of its own. The color is very vibrant and I can’t help but think that it fits with the New Orleans/mythical/circus look of the overall cover.

2. Outfit

Her outfit isn’t too revealing nor is it hastily put together. There’s something sexy yet reserved about her outfit that I find fits the elegance of the animal and the building (slightly historical) behind her.

3. Animal

I love animals in all their forms, so for the tiger mid roar to be placed on this cover beside the woman, makes me want to read the novel based off this alone. Tigers are so majestic and elegant that regardless of their reputation they are something I find enjoyable to study.

4. Title Font Choice

Doesn’t this font look so fun! They remind me of the font you might see at a carnival or at a circus announcing the next attraction (not that I’ve ever seen said announcement, but I have watched movies).

If I could get my handwriting to look like this, or take the time to learn how to make my handwriting to look like this, I would never write in my plain handwriting ever again.

5. Historical Backdrop

I know the backdrop isn’t really important but the building look like something you would see in old southern movies, or the French Quarter in New Orleans.

I don’t know where this book is set or it’s time period but I can just imagine from the cover alone that there might be some southern, or an historical location.

6. Facial Features

I know it’s somewhat hard to see her facial features on the cover, but if you get real up close and personal you’ll be able to see the focus of her eyes. Maybe this means that her character has serious qualities or maybe when facing against her foe she goes all in in order to win.

7. Fire Embers

Does the main character – which I’m guessing is a woman – have pyro abilities, or is she going up against someone who is a pyro-maniac?

The fire embers really make this cover pop and make you take notice of what’s centered around the fire embers.

“Favorite Cover Fridays” is a weekly meme by Crafting By The Pound. It’s all about book covers; how they look and how we feel about them. Being able to admire book covers both far and wide is one of the pleasures of being a book lover, so this post is 100% dedicated to gushing over the chosen cover during your week that has impacted you the most, that has induced you in cover lust.

About Scarlett Dawn

New York Times bestselling author and award-winner, Scarlett Dawn, is the mastermind behind the Forever Evermore fantasy series, the Origin paranormal dystopian stories, the Vampire Crown paranormal romance thrillers, the Mark science fantasy saga, and the Lion Security contemporary romance series.

She lives in the Midwest, adores her music loud, and demands her fries covered in melted cheese.

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