Fear the Beard by Lani Lynn Vale

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I was sure of this thought in Beard Mode but after reading Fear The Beard by Lani Lynn Vale I am sure of this belief. The men in the Dixie Wardens Rejects MC is a whole different brand than those from The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC. The men featured in this spin-off series are darker and filled with more mystery than the men from the original series who were life hardened and somewhat cynical. In reading Fear The Beard I didn’t know what to expect, was it going to be somewhat like Beard Mode or were we going to get a whole different chess game. But, while Fear the Beard contained elements featured in another of Lani Lynn Vale’s stories I did enjoy the different variations that Fear The Beard gave.

The teacher/student relational background was already done by Vale’s so I thought that I would somewhat know what to expect, but I kept getting thrown for a curve because neither Tommy nor Tally’s characters acted in ways that I expected. Although, Tally’s character irked me to no end at crucial moments, and even though Vale provided an explanation to her actions I still drew a blank because nothing she did made sense with what I sensed was the core of her character.

From Tommy’s ‘take me as I am’ personality, and Tally going through life on survival mode I was certainly entertained in certain areas, but naturally there were things about these two that just didn’t rub me right. But, again, even while I enjoyed reading Fear the Beard the ending ruined the feel good feeling I had with its story by being predictable.

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