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This post may seem like a weird topic to feature here on my blog but since I talk about everything else I love and enjoy why not talk about my obsession with all things anime. But despite the purpose behind this post let’s talk about what inspired my thoughts about both Funimation vs Crunchyroll as anime viewing streams.

I’m sure my take on Funimation vs Crunchyroll seems blown out of proportion but this was the dilemma I faced.

When Hulu starting announcing the new seasons of anime that would not be on the platform any longer I began looking for other legitimate avenues to watch my favorites. Having had previous experience with Crunchyroll as an alternative to Hulu when Hulu was free back in the good ole days, I was against turning to their services because of the limited shows and episodes available for free. See the amount of episodes, shows, and viewing options Funimation seemed like the perfect choice.

My experience with Funimation was so what I needed at the time that I invested in one of their subscription services and binged all the anime shows and episodes that I could fit in a day for many days until I was content or until I was all caught up in my favorites. But it wasn’t long before this ‘unicorn’ began to show its true colors.

When the viewing quality started to wane after I didn’t renew my subscription service I started to think that maybe this was the gimmick Funimation had going to make sure that their viewers continued with their subscription. It wasn’t until the viewing quality, app glitches, episode glitches, and exorbitant amount of ads continued past a few months that I decided to do a little research to see if maybe those behind Funimation had provided an explanation to what was going on.

There wasn’t much said about the glitches, video quality, or the incompatibility I found with using the Funimation app on my PS4, Roku, iPad Pro, or Android device, but what I did find was a wealth of user posts and forums that spoke of the issues Funimation has had for I guess years. Finding this information almost made me wish that I had researched more before I invested any money in this service.

I gave it a few more months before I just couldn’t take the glitches and the problems the interface constantly gave me when I would sign in so I again went to researching about a better service that could allow me to watch my favorite anime shows. This is when Crunchyroll welcomed me back with open arms.

When I went to Crunchyroll’s website and saw how user friendly it had become with it’s easier navigation I was so excited!

It’s been a month since I’ve done the switch and I am ecstatic about how I’m now able to enjoy what I love to watch on all the apps I’ve downloaded. Since then I haven’t had any issues, plus there are more shows and movies available on Crunchyroll than there were available on Funimation.

I truly hope that Funimation does some behind the scene work on their website and viewing service because based off the forums there are a lot of dissatisfied users. Additionally I think it’s crazy that they do charge people for a service that comes with so many problems but they wouldn’t be the first so I digress.

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