Hopelessly Shattered by Bink Cummings

Posted January 14, 2019 by Leona Woolfolk in Book Reviews, Books / 2 Comments

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I had gone back and forth of whether to start Hopelessly Shattered by Bink Cummings for many reasons. The main reason was surrounded by the fact that with her first two series, MC Chronicles and Corrupt Chaos MC series, she practically ruined me, I had a serious book hangover. But since I’m a firm believer in everything happening at the time it was supposed to, I believe 2019 was the perfect time to dive into Hopelessly Shattered.

I will admit that the synopsis pulled me into this story, mainly because the heroine was a single mother, pregnant, and dealing butt hole of an ex. I have such a guilty pleasure that involves families or the unconventional family storyline. But Cummings synopsis for Hopelessly Shattered couldn’t have prepared me for how much Kat spoke to my heart.

Kat’s character embodied everything I love in a heroine of any genre. She was sassy, ballsy, and unmoving (not wishy-washy but firm in her convictions) that I loved everything about her. The relationship she has with her ex’s brother was entertaining as well.

Something should be said about Cummings writing, that she can write some of the most irritating characters in this sub-genre and you still end up liking and understanding them. Also, characters that you find yourself shying away from because their lifestyle just aren’t your preference you find yourself loving their relationship and interaction with everyone around them.

All-in-all I really enjoyed Hopelessly Shattered and will admit to devouring the rest of the series days afters I finishing this installment.

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2 responses to “Hopelessly Shattered by Bink Cummings

  1. bookwormbrandee

    I’d not heard of this author before, Leona, but I’ll be checking her out. I love heroines of the same ilk as you, so that’s a draw. And it seems like the characters are very well developed. Great review and thanks for putting this author on my radar. 🙂