Kill Shot by Lani Lynn Vale

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Kill Shot by Lani Lynn ValeKill Shot by Lani Lynn Vale
Series: Code 11-KPD SWAT #6
Published by Self-Published on October 2, 2015
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 273
Format: eBook
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Also in this series: Double Tap, Center Mass, Bang Switch, Charlie Foxtrot, Coup De Grace, Execution Style

Bennett had the world in the palm of his hands when he was sixteen, then he allowed his dick to do the thinking for him.

That one night changed him forever, giving him a child that would forever alter his life, and an ex that was a crazy nut case on the best of days.

With the help of his parents, he went into the Navy, becoming the SEAL he always wanted to be. However, with that came a price, a price he wasn’t willing to pay anymore once his little girl started to realize why he wasn’t there. So he came home and joined the local SWAT team, starting his life anew, just his daughter and him.

Then he meets the cute little physician’s assistant that looks down upon him like one would an annoying fly, and he finally realizes just what he’s been missing. Something that takes his mind off of the challenge of everyday life. Someone that dares him to be a better father and cop.

And Lennox is one hell of a motivator.

Their relationship starts off rocky as the two of them circle each other like opponents ready to do combat rather than two civil adults. Every day brings a new battle for the two of them to overcome, and before they realize it, they’ll be fighting for each other instead of against each other.

Because there’s one woman who doesn’t want either one of them to be happy…especially not together.

Kill Shot by Lani Lynn Vale was the bomb all the way through. Never did there come a time when I wanted to put the book down, yell at the characters, or just be done with the book in its entirety.

From the first moment we meet Bennett and Lennox I became glued to my reading device, nothing was pulling away from it.

I loved how when Bennett and Lennox first met they had this lust/hate relationship going on, which then morphs into a lust/love relationship. What I mean by that is, after some pretty awkward and embarrassing moments the finally decide to give in to their attraction to one another, never realizing that they’re half in love with each other but just haven’t come to that conclusion yet.

Out of all the craziness that the characters from Lani Lynn Vale’s series have to deal with, I think that our villain in Kill Shot takes the cake. That chick was crazy!!

While we mostly read about Bennett and Lennox’s story, I’m glad we got a glimpse into Michael’s slice of life. FYI, Michael will most definitely be dealing with his own narcissistic crazy chick in Coup De Grace if he doesn’t take care of it (yes it) soon.

I really, really, really, loved Kill Shot by Lani Lynn Vale. I can always rely on the stories this author produces to give me the types of stories I love to read about from beginning to end.

One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

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