How To Print the Printables ❤

From my experience every printer is not the same, so you might have to play around with printing the inserts before you’re comfortable.

❤ Make sure to save the file to your desktop and open in Adobe Reader. To download the free reader, use this link:

(If you do not open your file with this program and print from your downloaded link or a preview, your insert will not print correctly!)

❤ Each page includes crop marks for cutting guides, which is illustrated below, that acts as a guide to let you know where to cut. I RECOMMEND you start from the right and work your way around clockwise.

❤ ALWAYS print 100% or 'actual size' in the Page Sizing & Handling section.

❤ Choose auto portrait/landscape for your page orientation. For duplex printers, if you choose portrait, you will want to flip along the long edge and if you choose landscape, you will want to flip along the short edge. Some printers have a problem with this section and it may require choosing a few settings that will work.

❤  Your preview of the insert before printing should show it in the center of the page. If it is showing it in the top left corner, it is usually because you have chosen a setting that is causing it to do that.

❤  Once you cut all sheets, fold the entire stack in half into a booklet and insert them into your traveler’s notebook!

❤ For any questions or concerns contact me at support[at] , and follow me for any updates on Instagram @craftingbythepound



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