Power by Kenya Wright

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Power by Kenya WrightPower by Kenya Wright
Series: Din City #1
Published by K Wright Press on July 15, 2016
Genres: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 390
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited Subscription
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***Warning: This book contains adult language, graphic violence, and explicit sex that may be disturbing for some readers. This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.***
Mary Jane, a struggling comedienne, stumbled into the wrong club at the wrong time. She didn't notice the gangster gripping the gun and the two scary men on his sides. She just jumped on the stage, tested the microphone, and went into her routine.

And that's where things got interesting.

Noah was the gangster that gripped the gun. The Beast of Din City. The Boss of the Streets. The one who ruled them all from the North to the South. Not liking to murder women, he'd now been thrown into an uncomfortable situation. She'd accidentally become a witness to something she shouldn't have seen.

She'd now become a problem.

Yet, their gazes met and hearts faltered, thump, thumping in their chest like a tune beat out from bullets slicing through the air and bodies crashing to the ground.

Their gazes met and things would never be the same for him or her, nor the Streets. Their gazes met and he decided not to kill her, instead he took her on a journey where sex meets the rhythm of the streets, high to low, smooth to rough, growing inside of them both until they're not sure, if any of them will survive—him, her, or those bloody streets.

I had to check Goodreads to make sure that Power by Kenya Wright is the first ever I’d read of her writing, but no it wasn’t. I’ve read quite a few stories by her and I have to say, my reviews weren’t as favorable it was for Power.

So many things went on within this story that I’m going to try my best to notate them all here in this review.

The main characters, Mary Jane and Noah, were somewhat enjoyable to read about. I will admit that after a while I sort of got bored with reading about them and became more fascinated with what was going on around them. Additionally, the supporting characters within Power started to overshadow the main couple simply because of their unhinged actions and thought processes.

In thinking further about Power I’m having a hard pinpointing a point that I want to start in talking about its story because the things these characters went through was crazy (crazy!). I guess I could speak on how the story is broken up into three parts, Acts 1, 2, and 3. I sort of appreciated this story breakdown because it gave me a chance to know that a section of the story was closed and we were moving on into new conflicts and character development.

After the death of certain characters that were important to the plot but didn’t have that much page time things sort of started to make sense to me and the story starting to pick up some momentum. I really didn’t think that if the story continued as it was in Act 1 that I would find myself like Mary Jane or Noah because of how dry and stale their characters first appeared. But I guess before the author chose to really dive into the overarching conflict she wanted to establish the romance between Mary Jane and Noah.

In hindsight I appreciated this focus early on in Power by Kenya Wright for many reasons:

  1. With everything that went on in this story it would’ve been extremely hard to give adequate page time and attention to the build up of the romance between these two characters,
  2. If there wasn’t a foundation (it wasn’t really solid, and at times it was sort of stale) for their attraction and later devotion to each other it would’ve been an absolute disaster reading through Acts 2 and 3, and
  3. When thing started to get crazy within Power it was nice to know that there was some sort of anchor within the story that was always a constant. If I didn’t know that everything between Noah and Mary Jane would work out in the end I probably would’ve not made it to the end of Power.

So, the question I find swimming around my head now that I finished Power is, ‘Do I continue to find another story that I’m interested in by this author, or should I continue to add this author’s works to my TBR (to be read) and hope that I’m in the mood for an interracial story and her story’s will do?’ I don’t mean to sound harsh but I’m a realist and I don’t have time to collect things that I know I’m not going to use, but for now I’ll take a step back from this author unless I see something that catches my attention the next time I’m looking for a read.

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