Sex Piston by Jamie Begley

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Sex Piston by Jamie BegleySex Piston by Jamie Begley
Series: Biker Bitches #1
Published by Young Ink Press on December 21, 2013
Genres: Erotica
Pages: 165
Format: eBook
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Sex Piston wasn’t about to apologize to anyone for her bitch attitude and certainly not the President of The Blue Horsemen, Stud. If he thinks he’s going to be able to control her and her crew then he has another thing coming. A lapse in judgment has him thinking that he’s won this battle of the sexes but a one-night stand isn’t about to bring this woman to heel.

Stud has to prove himself as the new President of the Destructors, and Sex Piston and her crew’s attitude isn’t helping. If he has to sacrifice his body to tame the bitch then that’s exactly what he’s going to do even if it means losing his heart in the battle.

I don’t know how many I’ve read Sex Piston by Jamie Begley, but each time I’ve read it I’ve learned something new about the characters, its connection with The Last Riders, and the overall storyline of the Biker Bitches series.

From previous Last Riders stories, particularly Beth, Diamond, and Lily’s stories, we saw glimpses of the Biker Bitches but only enough to have Begley’s readers clawing at their hair to finally get the full story of one or all of the Biker Bitches. For me personally the two characters I wanted to know most about were Killyama and Sex Piston, I didn’t start to want to know more about Fat Louise, Crazy Bitch, or T.A. until after we received Killyama and Sex Piston’s story. Wait, I think that I actually put my desire to read about Killyama on the back burner because Fat Louise’s story was so intriguing that I was all for her story being the second in the Biker Bitches series.

Sorry, I’ve gotten off track, this story is about the leader of the Biker Bitches. The friendship between these ladies was seriously unorthodox but its made these women tighter than cement could ever make them. In this first installment Begley really was meticulous in fleshing out the strength and flaws that make up Sex Piston and her sisters by choice, it didn’t hurt that she threw in the Destructors and Blue Horsemen to shake things up for them.

Right off the bat you can tell that Sex Piston and her crew pretty much run undisciplined within her father’s former motorcycle club, not that they are being rebellious for the kicks and giggles it’s just that the men that make up the club aren’t worth their respect and these ladies have no issue letting them know this, especially Sex Piston. Well, the Blue Horsemen aren’t putting up with it, and Stud knows that in order for the switch over of leadership of the Destructors to go smoothly he’ll need to cut the head off of the snake and the rest of the body will follow, basically he needed to make Sex Piston submit in order for the rest of the brothers to have some semblance of peace within the club. Stud soon finds out that the job is easier said than done, and plus he wasn’t expecting to find his perfect woman in Sex Piston while he was attempting to tame her, cue the melting and fanning.

The main thing that I loved about Sex Piston was how family oriented the entire book turned out to be. Every time you saw Sex Piston and the other Biker Bitches in parts of the Last Riders series nothing really personal is made known about them, but within Sex Piston it easy to see that family and sanctity of it was what kept these ladies going forward and standing strong.

One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

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