Series Bible


Have you already published one or more books in a series? Do you have a document that lists all character and place descriptions, time references, world-building facts and limitations, etc.? If the answer is no, you need one! Even if you think a detail is unimportant, a reader may disagree, and being called-out in a review for being inconsistent isn’t a good feeling—or good for sales!

Hire us to read your published books—or unpublished manuscripts edited by another editor—and we’ll create your detailed style sheet and timeline to serve as your Series Bible. It’ll be an indispensable tool as you continue the series.

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**Please Note:

If you plan to use my services, please be clear about the dates surrounding your manuscript so that we can notate those dates and timeline within our own calendar to deter any interference. If a date or timeline isn’t discussed your manuscript will be placed on our queue which means it’ll be finished when we get to it, but we try to stay within the timeline mentioned in our Editorial FAQs.

For any changes or cancellations please contact us prior to completion so that your invoice reflects the work done accurately.

While we try to accommodate an author’s timeline as best as we can, we choose not to overwhelm ourselves by accepting last-minute manuscripts. Please be aware that I work on the manuscripts in the order I receive them for the month scheduled. Thanks! 


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