Sick of Me by Whitney Capps

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I received a copy of this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

Sick of Me by Whitney CappsSick of Me by Whitney Capps
Published by B&H Books on February 15, 2019
Genres: Christian Living
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
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Our world is filled with fake facades, from the unrealistic filters used on social media to the “holier than thou” personas seen in certain hypocritical believers.

To combat the fake trends, a new trend has emerged—one that fights the facade with transparency and vulnerability. Instead of being filtered or super-spiritual, we’re told to be real and honest. And rightly so. We should be getting real with each other about our junk.

But should we stop there? Should we gather to simply commiserate about our current version of “me”? Is community about more than just feeling understood by one another in our hard places, or does God have actual change in store for us beyond brokenness

In Sick of Me, Whitney Capps shows us that spiritual growth means being both honest and holy—that we can come to Jesus just as we are, but we cannot stay that way. While virtues like vulnerability, honesty, and humility are desperately needed, we should fight for more. After all, the gospel is a change-agent.

Whitney calls us beyond trendy transparency and into something better: true transformation. If you want to be honest about all your junk, but are also sick of staying there—Sick of Me is for you.

Sick of Me by Whitney Capps was a book I felt I needed to read, whether this was the right time for its lesson or not. I know the title played a huge part in this book finding its way in my collection, because during this season of my life I am soooo sick of me that I find myself in some really dark places.

Usually, when I’m selecting my next christian living book to meditate on, I try to find a book that will challenge me to look past myself and to place my flaws and inconsistencies in front of a mirror that’s God-centered. Once I’ve finished said book, the question I’m usually left with is, “Did the book accomplish this task?”

When it comes to Sick of Me, I feel that Whitney Capps presented a relevant and necessary message that I feel isn’t spoken of enough. But, during the reading I felt that there was a huge disconnect between me and the words she had written, or it could’ve been the message as a whole. Maybe it was the hurt little girl inside me that has yet to give over her scars to Jesus that was having a hard time connecting with the liberty that Capps was speaking of. Maybe some of the freedoms mentioned when you die of yourself, take up your cross and following Jesus were hard to imagine and sort of flew over my head.

I feel that if I was in a more receptive season of my life, Sick of Me would’ve been applicable in my life. One thing I do hope for after reading Sick of Me is that Capps chooses to transform this book into a Bible study.

Sick of Me by Whitney Capps would be an amazing small group Bible study that would work wonders for college students, young parents, young married couples, and/or single individuals. There’s so much that I feel needs to be further studied about the break down that Capps provided, and the scriptures that came to life throughout the process.

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About Whitney Capps

whitney capps

Whitney Capps is a national speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries and a writer for the new Bible app, First 5, with more than 1,000,000 downloads and users. Whitney’s first book, Sick of Me, (B & H Publishers) and bible study with video curriculum, We Over Me, (LifeWay) were released in March of 2019.

As a bible study geek, Whitney’s delight is to dig into God’s Word for profound yet practical truth. A communicator at heart, Whitney comes alive sharing those truths with any gal who will give her even a few minutes. In her former life she served as Talent Acquisitions professional for the corporate office of Chick-fil-A.

This invaluable (and AMAZING) experience gave Whitney her love for helping women connect their passion with their purpose for the glory of God.

A girly-girl living among all boys, Whitney and Chad are raising their four sons, Cooper, Dylan, Ryder and Tate, just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Her house is wild, loud and littered with Lego’s. Whitney is addicted to shoes, jewelry, quac and Coke Zero.  Additionally, Whitney served her community as her local Bible Study Fellowship Teaching Leader for several years.

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