Son of A Beard by Lani Lynn Vale

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Son of A Beard by Lani Lynn ValeSon of a Beard by Lani Lynn Vale
Series: The Dixie Wardens Rejects MC #3
Published by Self-Published on April 27, 2017
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 288
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
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Truth Alan Reacher was a biker. He was a bladesmith. What he was not, was a fool.

The moment he walked in on his girl screwing his cousin on his bike, he does the only thing he can do.
He ditches the bike seat—and the girl—riding right out of her life without a backwards glance.

That is until he’s forced to attend the marriage of his cousin to his cheating ex-girlfriend. The only bright spot of the entire thing was watching some chick go off on the groom—the groom’s ex-fiancé—right in the middle of the bouquet toss.


Verity Ruthann Cassidy was supposed to be here today attending this wedding as the bride, not watching the festivities as a guest from the chairs she’d painstakingly purchased covers for while her fiancé—now her ex-fiancé—screwed around on her with another woman.

The icing on the wedding cake that she refuses to eat? She’s forced to attend the wedding due to her mother being the wedding planner.

However, the night doesn’t turn out quite the way she expects it due to the hot-as-hell biker sitting in the chair directly beside her. The man gave one hell of a speech during the reception that sounded like something that could have come straight out of her own mouth, and she enjoyed every single second of it.


Thrown together under similarly lousy circumstances, the two newly single jilted former lovers of the happy couple decide to go to Vegas on what was to be Verity’s honeymoon trip.

One thing leads to another, and the next thing they know, their night has gone from a celebration of being single to a marriage—to each other.

Verity and Truth now have to figure out if everything that happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

Some of the books before I read Son of a Beard by Lani Lynn Vale didn’t leave me all that excited for her future books. But I can say that I’ve now accepted the reality of how she writes her books. I’m learning to simply take them as they are, no expectations.

Son of a Beard by Lani Lynn Vale was an entertaining story but didn’t hit 100 on everything, especially on the consistency of the character’s actions, namely Truth’s.

The first portion, not half, of Son of a Beard had me engaged because of all that was going on with Truth and Verity, I couldn’t put the story down. From the cheating exes to the trip to Vegas to the aftermath of their stay in Vegas I was glued to my Kindle. While my excitement that was connected to Verity’s character never waned, or at least I can’t think of a moment when it did, Truth’s character gave me motion sickness with the ups and downs he went through. I didn’t know if we were on team #HATECOUSINANDEXGIRLFRIEND or if Truth was such a good guy that he was there for his family and anybody who needed his help regardless of what they’ve done to him no matter what.

The conflicts of Truth’s parents and Verity’s mom was introduced then given enough page space that I thought something more was going to come out of it, but that didn’t happen. I would’ve seriously loved to have had these elements included within the story for more than the paragraph or two that they were given. I really think that the beef between Truth and his parents would’ve given more to his character development and while I felt that Verity was a solid enough character it would’ve also been great if we would’ve gotten a deeper glimpse into why the relationship between Verity and her mother was what it was.

I promise it almost feels like Vale is dangling Ghost’s story in our faces to keep us committed to this series, and I’ll admit that regardless of how I feel about the other stories I’ve read in this series he’s the one character I know will become a second Silas to me. With each story in this series we’re given just a little bit more to his story and background to keep us coming back for more, and while I hate what I feel is manipulation I can’t seem to stop reading this series until Ghost’s story comes out. So, in sticking it out until Ghost’s story is released I hope the remaining two stories are on par with Son of Beard or at least surpasses it.

One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

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