Book Cover Book Title Author Series Rating
Walk Through FireWalk Through FireKristen AshleyChaos #44.5 Stars
A Tale of Two DragonsA Tale of Two DragonsG.A. AikenDragon Kin #0.24 Stars
Dragon on TopDragon on TopG.A. AikenDragon Kin #0.44 Stars
Echoes of FireEchoes of FireSuzanne WrightMercury Pack #43.5 Stars
God Is AbleGod Is AblePriscilla Shirer4 Stars
Things In DitchesThings In DitchesJimmy Olsen5 Stars
Silence FallenSilence FallenPatricia BriggsMercy Thompson #104 Stars
The Sexy OneThe Sexy OneLauren BlakelyOne Love #13.5 Stars
Put OutPut OutLani Lynn ValeKilgore Fire #54 Stars
The Black Jewel TrilogyThe Black Jewel TrilogyAnne BishopThe Black Jewel Trilogy #14 Stars
Beard ModeBeard ModeLani Lynn ValeThe Dixie Wardens Rejects MC #14 Stars
Hopelessly ShatteredHopelessly ShatteredBink CummingsSacred Sinners MC - Texas Chapter #14 Stars
Second Grave on the LeftSecond Grave on the LeftDarynda JonesCharley Davidson #23.5 Stars
AlphaAlphaJasinda WilderAlpha #13 Stars
I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot LieI Like Big Dragons and I Cannot LieLani Lynn ValeI Like Big Dragons #13 Stars
Vengeance RoadVengeance RoadChristine FeehanTorpedo Ink #23.5 Stars
Borrowed SoulsBorrowed SoulsChelsea MuellerSoul Charmer #13 Stars
Fear the BeardFear the BeardLani Lynn ValeThe Dixie Wardens Rejects MC #23.5 Stars
Standing His Ground: GreerStanding His Ground: GreerJamie BegleyPorter Brothers Trilogy #25 Stars
Mercy BladeMercy BladeFaith HunterJane Yellowrock #35 Stars
Archangel's ProphecyArchangel's ProphecyNalini SinghGuild Hunter #115 Stars
Son of a BeardSon of a BeardLani Lynn ValeThe Dixie Wardens Rejects MC #33.5 Stars
Sweet DreamsSweet DreamsKristen AshleyColorado Mountain #25 Stars
Fires of WinterFires of WinterJohanna LindseyHaardrad Family #14 Stars
Allegiance of HonorAllegiance of HonorNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #154 Stars
To Live Is ChristTo Live Is ChristBeth Moore5 Stars
Rock Chick ReawakeningRock Chick ReawakeningKristen AshleyRock Chick #0.55 Stars
Circle of the MoonCircle of the MoonFaith HunterSoulwood #44 Stars
I'm Only Here For the BeardI'm Only Here For the BeardLani Lynn ValeThe Dixie Wardens Rejects MC #44 Stars
The HeirThe HeirJohanna LindseyReid Family #13.5 Stars
The GruntThe GruntLatrivia Nelson - WelchThe Lonely Hearts5 Stars
Sixth Grave on the EdgeSixth Grave on the EdgeDarynda JonesCharley Davidson #64 Stars
RazeRazeTillie ColeScarred Souls #15 Stars
Afraid of All the Things: Tornadoes, Cancer, Adoption, and Other Stuff You Need the Gospel ForAfraid of All the Things: Tornadoes, Cancer, Adoption, and Other Stuff You Need the Gospel ForScarlet Hiltibidal5 Stars
Let Us PreyLet Us PreyJamie Lee ScottGotcha Detective Agency Mysteries #13 Stars
In a Badger WayIn a Badger WayShelly LaurenstonHoney Badger Chronicles #25 Stars
A Court of Frost and StarlightA Court of Frost and StarlightSarah J. MaasA Court of Thorns and Roses #3.13 Stars
It Ain't Me, BabeIt Ain't Me, BabeTillie ColeHades Hangmen #15 Stars
The Time CollectorThe Time CollectorGwendolyn Womack3 Stars
Heart RecapturedHeart RecapturedTillie ColeHades Hangmen #24 Stars
Souls UnfracturedSouls UnfracturedTillie ColeHades Hangmen #35 Stars
Deep RedemptionDeep RedemptionTillie ColeHades Hangmen #43 Stars
Rider's RevengeRider's RevengeJamie BegleyThe Last Riders #104 Stars
StalkedStalkedJamie BegleyPredators MC #42 Stars
T.A.T.A.Jamie BegleyBiker Bitches #64 Stars
Sick of MeSick of MeWhitney Capps4 Stars
Shade's FallShade's FallJamie BegleyThe Last Riders #44 Stars
ShadeShadeJamie BegleyThe Last Riders #65 Stars
Lucky's ChoiceLucky's ChoiceJamie BegleyThe Last Riders #75 Stars
Etched in BoneEtched in BoneAnne BishopThe Others #55 Stars
Marked in FleshMarked in FleshAnne BishopThe Others #45 Stars
Winter's TouchWinter's TouchJamie BegleyThe Last Riders #85 Stars
Sex PistonSex PistonJamie BegleyBiker Bitches #14 Stars
Fat LouisFat LouisJamie BegleyBiker Bitches #25 Stars
Crazy B!tchCrazy B!tchJamie BegleyBiker Bitches #54 Stars
HostageHostageJamie BegleyPredators MC #34 Stars
Merry BlissmasMerry BlissmasJamie BegleyBiker Bitches #35 Stars
Double TapDouble TapLani Lynn ValeCode 11-KPD SWAT #24 Stars
Soul of A ManSoul of A ManJamie BegleyThe Dark Souls #13 Stars
Sweet HopeSweet HopeTillie ColeSweet Home #35 Stars
Center MassCenter MassLani Lynn ValeCode 11-KPD SWAT #15 Stars
ReapReapTillie ColeScarred Souls #25 Stars
Sweet SoulSweet SoulTillie ColeSweet Home #45 Stars
RavageRavageTillie ColeScarred Souls #35 Stars
Say No To The DukeSay No To The DukeEloisa JamesThe Wildes of Lindow Castle #44.5 Stars
Written In RedWritten In RedAnne BishopThe Others #15 Stars
Murder of CrowsMurder of CrowsAnne BishopThe Others #25 Stars
Vision in SilverVision in SilverAnne BishopThe Others #34 Stars
Lights To My SirenLights To My SirenLani Lynn ValeThe Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC #13.5 Stars
Halligan To My AxeHalligan To My AxeLani Lynn ValeThe Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC #24 Stars
Whiskey NeatWhiskey NeatLani Lynn ValeUncertain Saints MC #14 Stars
Bang SwitchBang SwitchLani Lynn ValeCode 11-KPD SWAT #35 Stars
Jack & CokeJack & CokeLani Lynn ValeUncertain Saints MC #25 Stars
Vodka on the RocksVodka on the RocksLani Lynn ValeUncertain Saints MC #34 Stars
Right to my WrongRight to my WrongThe Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC #83 Stars
Bad AppleBad AppleLani Lynn ValeUncertain Saints MC #43 Stars
Shock AdvisedShock AdvisedLani Lynn ValeKilgore Fire #15 Stars
Charlie FoxtrotCharlie FoxtrotLani Lynn ValeCode 11-KPD SWAT #55 Stars
Not Forsaken: Finding Freedom as Sons & Daughters of a Perfect FatherNot Forsaken: Finding Freedom as Sons & Daughters of a Perfect FatherLouie Giglio2 Stars
Burn For MeBurn For MeIlona AndrewsHidden Legacy #14 Stars
Oxygen DeprivedOxygen DeprivedLani Lynn ValeKilgore Fire #35 Stars
TeasedTeasedJamie BegleyThe VIP Room #13.5 Stars
Kill ShotKill ShotLani Lynn ValeCode 11-KPD SWAT #65 Stars
Untamed DelightsUntamed DelightsSuzanne WrightThe Phoenix Pack #84 Stars
The HighwaymanThe HighwaymanKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #15 Stars
SkinwalkerSkinwalkerFaith HunterJane Yellowrock #14 Stars
The HunterThe HunterKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #25 Stars
Controlled BurnControlled BurnLani Lynn ValeKilgore Fire #43 Stars
Brazen and the BeastBrazen and the BeastSarah MacLeanThe Bareknuckle Bastards #24 Stars
The HighlanderThe HighlanderKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #35 Stars
Flash Point Flash Point Lani Lynn ValeKilgore Fire #24 Stars
Coup De GraceCoup De GraceLani Lynn ValeCode 11-KPD SWAT #75 Stars
The DukeThe DukeKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #44 Stars
Rusty NailRusty NailLani Lynn ValeUncertain Saints MC #64 Stars
The Scot Beds His WifeThe Scot Beds His WifeKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #55 Stars
Blood CrossBlood CrossFaith HunterJane Yellowrock #24 Stars
Flame in the DarkFlame in the DarkFaith HunterSoulwood #35 Stars
The Duke With The Dragon TattooThe Duke With The Dragon TattooKerrigan ByrneVictorian Rebels #64 Stars
Blood of the EarthBlood of the EarthFaith HunterSoulwood #14 Stars
Raven CursedRaven CursedFaith HunterJane Yellowrock #43 Stars
Fire InsideFire InsideKristen AshleyChaos #25 Stars
Soul of a WomanSoul of a WomanJamie BegleyThe Dark Souls #23 Stars
Motorcycle ManMotorcycle ManKristen AshleyDream Man #44 Stars
Soul of a DemonSoul of a DemonJamie BegleyThe Dark Souls #33 Stars
The Pillars of the WorldThe Pillars of the WorldAnne BishopTir Alainn #15 Stars
Execution StyleExecution StyleLani Lynn ValeCode 11-KPD SWAT #45 Stars
One Fine DukeOne Fine DukeLenora BellSchool for Dukes #33 Stars
Counter to My IntelligenceCounter to My IntelligenceLani Lynn ValeThe Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC #75 Stars
Shards of FrostShards of FrostSuzanne WrightMercury Pack #54 Stars
The Wallflower WagerThe Wallflower WagerTessa DareGirl Meets Duke #35 Stars
Slave to SensationSlave to SensationNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #15 Stars
Visions of HeatVisions of HeatNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #24 Stars
Caressed By IceCaressed By IceNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #35 Stars
The Blacksmith QueenThe Blacksmith QueenG.A. AikenThe Scarred Earth Saga #15 Stars
Kiss of SnowKiss of SnowNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #104 Stars
Play of PassionPlay of PassionNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #94 Stars
Branded by FireBranded by FireNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #64 Stars
Hostage to PleasureHostage to PleasureNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #55 Stars
How To Love A Duke In Ten DaysHow To Love A Duke In Ten DaysKerrigan ByrneDevil You Know #14 Stars
The Scotsman Who Swept Me AwayThe Scotsman Who Swept Me AwayHannah HowellSeven Brides for Seven Scotsmen #32.5 Stars
Mine to PossessMine to PossessNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #44 Stars
Catching HimCatching HimAurora Rose ReynoldsHow To Catch An Alpha #13.5 Stars
PowerPowerKenya WrightDin City #14 Stars
Heart of ObsidianHeart of ObsidianNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #124 Stars
Demon's Savior and Demon's WarDemon's Savior and Demon's WarCourtney DeanDemon's United MC Romance3.5 Stars
Bonds of JusticeBonds of JusticeNalini SinghPsy-Changeling #85 Stars
Ridden HardRidden HardKendra QueenBWWM Westerns Book #13.5 Stars
Promise To DarknessPromise To DarknessBec McMasterDark Court Rising #14 Stars