Standing His Ground: Greer by Jamie Begley

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I might not always be in huge L O V E with every Jamie Begley book that has graced my hands, but it can’t be denied that she is one of my all-time favorite storytellers and realistic romance writers. I’ve been both dreading and anticipating Standing His Ground by Jamie Begley, which turns out to be Greer and Holly’s story, and I can wholeheartedly say that the roller-coaster of emotions was not in vain.

For the simple fact that Standing His Ground marks the umpteenth book I’ve read by Begley and have not once been able to guess the direction she would’ve taken the story leaves me both elated and frustrated, lol.

The romance between Greer and Holly went in what I feel was the only direction that would’ve made them possible as a couple. Greer was always a butt-head and Holly was almost like a Willa without having the same hangups so they had a lot to navigate through. Begley stayed true to their characters but also allowed them to evolve and become better versions of themselves which I am grateful for because these two had some serious growing to do.

Standing His Ground also tied up a few loose ends, mostly pertaining to a few unsavory characters that irked my nerves, but it also gave a somewhat better glimpse into the unconventional connection The Porter Brothers have with The Last Riders.

Standing His Ground was, again, another awesome story by Begley. I wouldn’t change a thing about it regardless of the past of these characters have come from, nor the situations that encompassed their present circumstances.

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