Sticker Sheet Creation: Process and Production

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Posted June 22, 2019 by Leona Woolfolk in Crafting Needs, Crafts / 0 Comments

Understanding sticker sheet creation, the process and their production, can be somewhat of an intimidating task.

Transparency is so necessary from those who have gained a little bit of skill in the field.

Crafting By The Pound

“So … we did a thing, and just any thing but a big thing.”

For about a month or so, we’ve been playing with the idea of creating a class on Skillshare. This class would show our workflow as we go through our sticker sheet creation process and production in Silhouette Studio. On a kamikaze jump we hit the record button and went through our process of creating stickers and their sheets.

So after our impromptu recording session concluded, we found ourselves riddled with anxiety for a number of reasons:

  1. We didn’t think we qualified to speak on the creation of sticker sheets since we’re still a small shop with a small following of customers.
  2. Did we even sound professional and knowledgeable enough to teach a class on sticker creation, the process and their production?
  3. What if we don’t go into enough detail about Silhouette Studio, or what if our version of Silhouette Studio works as a hindrance instead of a benefit throughout the course?
  4. Lastly, what if no one watches our class and we put this class together for no reason?

Sticker Sheet Creation is a fundamental process if you’re wanting to compete and stay relevant in this somewhat over saturated planner sticker market.

If sticker sheet creation, its processes and their preparation for production is something that you’re craving to learn, or you find yourself wanting to work smarter not harder, check out our course on sticker creation. If there’s something we can improve on let us know, or maybe you’ll become inspired to create your own class with your personalized work flow.

We’ll give you an extra incentive …

Since our class is on Skillshare we have partnered with them to bring you 2 months free for their Premium subscription by using the link here.

This awesome deal will allow you to watch our class for free and watch it as many times as you need.

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