The Grunt mini series by Latrivia S. Nelson

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The Grunt mini series by Latrivia S. Nelson easily became a favorite of mine within the year of 2018. But, this review isn’t about talking about my first, second, or third reading of The Grunt mini series, it’s about my choice to gush about how much I love this mini series and why.

In part one of this mini series we are introduced to the main characters Brett, his little boy Cameron, and Courtney. The author constructed each character within this mini series in compatible relationship with the story. By tastefully allowing the story to be told as organically as possible, and allowing the characters to reveal themselves as the story progresses, she checked off a lot of what I look for in both a story and subsequent series. She doesn’t splash the race of each character in your face making those characteristics the focal point of the story, as I’ve seen in many interracial stories, but allows the story to be told and the characters to be a part of it.

With each of the characters mentioned the readers find that they are all encountering their own share of heartache and problems which corrals them into each other’s lives. Because of these issues readers are able to see the somewhat slow progression of the romance and somewhat complete resolutions to them.

This mini series has heavy roots in the Marine military branch and the author does a good job of showing her research and personal experience through both parts of The Grunt. I loved reading about this new life view, but this aspect was just a small boon that made me love and adore everything this mini series had to offer.

In part two, we’re given the continuation to a conflict that was introduced in part one along with character development for Courtney and Brett individually and as a couple. We also get to learn more about Courtney’s brother who was introduced to us in part one and some of his struggles that directly impact the Black family.

There’s so much I could say about this mini series but I really urge you all, if stories like is are your cup of tea, to try at least these two books. There are so many underlying lessons and great things I could say about series but I want you all to experience it yourself.

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