The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely

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After acknowledging the romance and storytelling potential of Lauren Blakely’s writing from Big Rock I had no issues with picking up The Sexy One when it went on sale.

The Sexy One was so light and sweet yet the right amount of steamy. The father/nanny trope was never something I gave any attention to, I just didn’t care much about it, but any that I find from now on that’s even remotely close to The Sexy One I’m grabbing it.

Simon and Abby were so freaking sweet and cute together, and it multiplied when they are around Hayden, that I had a smile on my face throughout the entirety of The Sexy One. The only complaint I have with their relationship was their “dirty” talk. Their characters just didn’t work with their dirty talk and as they kept doing it they both kept coming off as unauthentic.

Oh, how could I forget?! When the witchy ex-wife decides to finally show her claws, or have something to show her claws about since Simon generally doesn’t give her the time, nothing that really fed into my drama-lover happened. Things were said of and about Abby and Simon that I wanted her to be absolutely shut down. But, and that’s a huge but (no pun intended), I see and understand Blakely’s aim. I believe Blakely wanted to put forth not only another memorable romance but she wanted to bring to the light a father/ex-wife relationship as they’re trying to co-parent amicably for the sake of their child. Even though the drama-queen in me is loath to admit it, this element within its story tugged my heart strings more than I think going the other route would’ve done.

The desire to talk on and on about The Sexy One is knocking at my mind’s door but I want to leave the rest to you all to read and experience. So pick up this read at your local library (if its available), or budget this read in because The Sexy One would be great for readers who are seeking something of a slow burn of a romance, with very sweet elements.

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