Things in Ditches by Jimmy Olsen

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What did I just read?! Things In Ditches by Jimmy Olsen was such a mind cluster that I really can’t seem to formulate words to describe everything I loved about its story and characters. Whatever I do say past this paragraph the one thing that was consistent was its timeless mystery and superb writing. My gosh…

I usually don’t give much stock in prologues unless it’s for a series or story by a favorite author (I’m bias that way) but I felt that I couldn’t overlook the prologue of Things In Ditches. When I say that I felt chills crawling up and down my back as I was reading the nonchalant way the killer was talking about his victim and all that was revealed about his character I am not kidding you. If you can survive the chilling opening to Things In Ditches you’re a real MVP because even with the mystery within its story through the comedy Jimmy Olsen wove throughout these pages you fall into a false sense of security until the next chilling moment. I caution you to stay on the edge of your seat because with each page turn you don’t know what next big thing is coming your way.

I know I’ve stated this before how much I love Olsen’s writing from The Hero of Blind Pig Island and Poison Makers, but Things In Ditches embodied everything I love about his unconventional style and storytelling. He’s probably the only author I know that can make you laugh, or at least chuckle, and accelerate your heart at the same time.

Oh, there’s so much that can be said about Things in Ditches but why ruin – even though I’d try not to – something that should only be experienced?!

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