To Live Is Christ by Beth Moore

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To Live Is Christ by Beth MooreTo Live Is Christ by Beth Moore
Published by B&H Books on March 1st 2008
Genres: Christian Living
Pages: 348
Format: eBook
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In To Live Is Christ, best-selling author Beth Moore travels on a spiritual odyssey through the life of one of Christianity’s most fervent journeymen, the apostle Paul, tracing his story from childhood to martyrdom.

Proclaiming his faith as a benchmark in New Testament Scripture, Beth writes, "I have accepted many of Paul’s words as a personal challenge. ‘I want to know Christ’ has become my plea. ‘To live is Christ and to die is gain’ has become my hope. And to borrow his words once more, ‘Not that I have already obtained all this . . . but I press on.’"

Paul’s undying passion for Christ continues to inspire and challenge those with a deep spiritual hunger for the things of God. Readers will be greatly refreshed by the obvious mercy of God that causes those who have failed him to repent and serve him wholeheartedly and effectively.

Instead of reading To Live Is Christ by Beth Moore straight through I instead chose to treat it as my quiet time material, reading a chapter (sometimes two) a day. It felt so much more fulfilling this way, and I think I was able to gain a better understanding of the material presented than if I had just leisurely read To Live Is Christ.

I’ve always enjoyed reading about the apostle Paul, or at least reading his books, especially those that are well known to me; Philippians, Ephesians, and Galatians. To Live Is Christ opened my eyes to so much about him as a flesh and blood man of God, and not this highly esteemed man that theologians, pastors, and teachers speak about. Going through this study by Beth Moore I was able to hone in on the treasures Christ imparted to him that I never paid attention to.

By the end of To Live Is Christ I can say with my whole heart that I ended up loving my brother Paul and that I gained a clearer and deeper insight into the journey Christ blessed him with. Instead of remaining as I was before opening the pages within To Live Is Christ, I am now able to see Paul’s words and their impact and not just who he was on paper.

Moore diligently took her time in preparing the pages of To Live Is Christ. I’m thankful that she humbled herself and trusted the Holy Spirit to direct her on the best course to tackle some difficult topics and teaching within its pages, the authenticity of every word spoken leaps up off of each page.

Putting Paul’s writing in the correct context, instead of taking them at face value without interaction with the originator of the Word (Christ and His Holy Spirit, our Helper) and misconstruing them, as we all are wont to do, broadened my understanding of the teachings of Christ through His servant. Ugh, there are so many treasures to be found within To Live Is Christ by Beth Moore, and because of the authenticity and biblical evidence that Moore intentionally connects with her teachings, makes her a favorite author and teacher of mine.

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About Beth Moore

Beth Moore has written many best–selling books and is a dynamic teacher and a prolific Bible–study author whose public speaking engagements take her across the United States to challenge tens of thousands. Beth is focused on teaching women all over the world and is known and respected wherever she goes. She is a dedicated wife and mother of two adult daughters and lives in Houston, Texas, where she leads Living Proof Ministries and teaches an adult Sunday school class. Beth is one of the best known women in the evangelical Christian market.

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