Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley

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Whew! Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley started off so differently than I imagined from the previous stories in this series. The surprises didn’t stop at the beginning but carried the same theme throughout it’s story.


I did skim through parts of Walk Through Fire for a few reasons:

  1. The way the story started, and what I read of the synopsis, I knew Walk Through the Fire was going to emotionally gut me and I felt that I needed to go ahead and get the punishment over and done with.
  2. The little bit more I read of the story my gut was letting me know that if I didn’t get to where High and Millie see each other again after 20 years I was going to have a nervous breakdown.
  3. Lastly, I really needed Millie and High to their HEA (happy ever after) and to have all the angst stop.

If you can’t tell, I wasn’t emotionally, mentally, or physically ready for Walk Through Fire.

Emotionally, I haven’t been this scarred by a Kristen Ashley story in a long time. The angst of almost all the characters – yes, what goes between Millie and High effects Chaos MC on such a personal level that you can’t even imagine – was on a whole other level.

Mentally, I just wasn’t prepared, nor could I imagined the f-uped-ness that I would have to wrap my head around. So many thoughts and assumptions and predictions were going through my head as to what would be coming around each corner for these characters, and just the story of Walk Through Fire in general.

Physically, never have I had a book other than Sinner’s Creed by Kim Jones, where I have been stuck in one position constantly having tears, unconsciously, leak from my eyes. It’s weird because I almost always know when I’m crying, but I was so engrossed with everything Walk Through Fire had to offer that on the basest level I glued to all the emotions and goings on within its story.

Even though I’ve skimmed through parts of Walk Through Fire it will officially be dubbed the best book of 2017. The bar has been set and now I’m interested to see what stories come next and how they measure up.

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