I’m Only Here For The Beard by Lani Lynn Vale

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Posted February 26, 2019 by Leona Woolfolk in Book Reviews, Books / 0 Comments

I know I should be slightly uncomfortable with I’m Only Here For the Beard by Lani Lynn Vale because of certain things within it, but I just can’t get over how smooth this story was, and let’s not forget entertaining.

Sean and Naomi balanced each other and had such great chemistry that other than Aaron (Fatbaby) and Imogen they’re an easy favorite.

It is starting to get irksome when Lani Lynn Vale introduces certain story threads and doesn’t follow through, I would’ve really like to know why Sean’s ex-wife was popping back up now after all this time had passed. I really wish that I could overlook this missing part in her stories but I can’t dub her books well-rounded if it’s not.

I was also bothered by how everything was honky dory with Jessie James and Tommy Tom’s sister situation, like he essentially stole a brother’s girl and this same girl could’ve caused issues with the brothers because she was confused about who she wanted. In any other MC story this would’ve been frowned upon and certain parties would’ve been punished or reprimanded.

Certain things in this series time and time again show me that the Texas chapter and Alabama chapter are so different in how they run things, and that how The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC will always be my preferred series when it comes to the true MC series by Vale.

I’m Only Here For The Beard was entertaining for what it was, and I thoroughly enjoyed the romance between Naomi and Sean.

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