About Us

First and foremost, I would like to thank you personally for visiting my little slice of the internet ... I am Leona Woolfolk, the one-woman-band behind Crafting By The Pound. 

What is Crafting By The Pound (Or, who is Crafting By The Pound)?

Well I am glad you asked. Crafting By The Pound is my illustration business based in a suburb in Missouri. I sell a range of printables, art prints (or dashboards as I call them), & other crafty goodies. I also take on client work dealing in logos, and branding graphics.

-The Beginning of Crafting By The Pound-

I set up Crafting By The Pound on April's Fool Day in 2017 while going to school for my Bachelor's Degree in Communication. I wasn't working at the time, nor was I doing anything artistic that would inadvertently contribute to an art business.

Now, you're probably wondering ... So, why did you open a crafting eCommerce business?

I wasn't the artist in my family, I was the talker and trouble maker, lol. Any artistic abilities that were to be had came from my sister, but God must've planted the same ability - another thing that makes me a perpetual late bloomer - in me as well because here I am, lol. Since Crafting By The Pound has been open, it has blossomed from a fledgling Etsy store to something I couldn’t have imagined at its inception in 2017.

-The Mission-

I pride myself on creating planner products that’ll help the average planner plan more functionally with a pop color for their plans to still be cute. (how many times can I use the word 'plan' without getting tongue tied? lol).

-Call of Action-

So ... follow me, or come visit me over on social media to watch how my illustrations and creative ideas here at Crafting By The Pound grow as a brand and business.

<3 Leona

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