Put Out by Lani Lynn Vale

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Put Out by Lani Lynn ValePut Out by Lani Lynn Vale
Series: Kilgore Fire #5
Published by Self-Published on January 26, 2017
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 300
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
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Angie is a survivor. Anything you could throw at her, she could overcome.

After her father left her like a pile of unwanted trash, she began fighting. Fighting to build a life. Fighting to keep her child. Fighting to matter.
She thought she had it all figured out.

Then Bowen Race Tannenbaum walks into her life, turning it into a flurry of confusion, hope, and then ultimately despair. He tore down, brick-by-brick, her carefully constructed world, leaving her heart in tatters and longing for more. Such as a happily ever after, something that wasn’t ever going to happen for her. Not when she couldn’t give him what he wanted. He’d break her, and she couldn’t be put back together a second time.

Bowe wasn’t always so jaded, but when you keep drawing a losing hand, it tends to affect a man. He didn’t mean to lash out so carelessly. But he was so over being told no. He was done being lied to. He through with being cheated on.

This time, his heart was getting what it wanted. If Angie wasn’t able to see what he was offering, what was right here in front of her, well then, he’d just have to damn well show her.

As scared as I was to dive into Put Out by Lani Lynn Vale I can, with a sigh of relief, say that its story wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be considering the responses I’ve had to the latest releases by Vale.

Put Out goes down in my book as Vale’s third interracial story, the first two being Jack and Tai’s stories (I am pretty sure they were both Native American). I love diversity in stories that I read whether it’s in the characters backgrounds, race, or religion, so for Angie to be half black half Italian I think I found myself automatically loving Put Out. It just was something about Angie’s curly hair and curves that had the black woman in me screaming ‘Yes!’

The beginning of Put Out by Lani Lynn Vale was somewhat slow. It was great to get the back story of both Angie and Bowe, as well as their baggage, but the story didn’t pick up for me until Bowe temporarily lost his memory. From this point on I felt as if each page turned was composed of cracked glass. I only say that because the feeling and tone of the story was very fragile, in the back of your mind you knew that any little conflict that Angie and Bowe would have to face Angie would be the first one out the door. As I continued on in Put Out it sucks that my intuition was proved correct because I really wanted their story to be different.

Another thing, Put Out didn’t have the feel of a conclusion to the Kilgore Fire series, if anything it felt like a standalone that also acted like a prequel to Fatbaby’s (Aaron’s) story.

Bottom line, Put Out was great way for Vale to end the Kilgore Fire series, it alone has given me hope that Vale’s stories can still entertain me. I can’t wait to dive into her Dixie Wards Rejects MC series that starts with Fatbaby’s story.

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